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An ANCHOR ACTIVITY is a strategy that allows students to work on an outgoing assignment directly related to the curriculum that can be worked on independently throughout a unit or semester. An anchor activity is a logical extension of learning during a unit, an elaboration of important goals and outcomes that are tied to the curriculum and tasks for which students are held accountable.

The purpose of an anchor activity is to provide meaningful work for students when they are not actively engaged in classroom activities. Anchors should be engaging, relatively short, and easy to pick up or put down throughout the day, week, or semester. One method of organizing Anchor Activities is to use Extension Menus.

Visit these websites for more information:

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Check out these books for more information.

  • Teaching Gifted Kids in the Regular Classroom Susan Winebrenner   ISBN 13 978-1-57542-329-6
  • Standards-Based Activities and Assessments for the Differentiated Classroom   ISBN 1-931334-28-5

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